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Alamo, Visitor, Center, City, Sightseeing, San AntonioThe San Antonio Visitor Center

We sell our San Antonio Sightseeing Tour tickets in a number of locations and we are now proud to be the featured sightseeing tour provider in the San Antonio Visitor Center at the Menger Hotel.  We have sightseeing tour staff at our desk there from 9am to 5pm daily.  The San Antonio Visitor Center is located directly across the street from the Alamo on Crockett Street.  In addition to sightseeing tour tickets the Visitor Center has a wide variety of souvenirs and unique San Antonio items you can view and purchase.

Next time you are in the Alamo Plaza area, come visit us in the San Antonio Visitor Center!

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56 thoughts on “Our Visitor Center

  • Ema Torres

    I don’t see Trolley or River Walk Tours. Where can I find that information and can you suggest where I might get discount coupons. I’m traveling with a family of 5 adults and one baby.

    Thank you.

  • Laura Murday

    Do you have information on tours of the Missions in San Antonio? There are about 10 of us interested in touring the Missions only. Wondered if there was a tour for this and what is the cost. Not a walking tour but a bus or van tour. And about how long is this tour? thank you so much. Laura Murday

    • Leonard Geyer

      In today’s Express News, reference article concerning World Heritage Missions. Public tours of the San Antonio Missions. How can I get information on doing a tour of just these missions by Ramon Vasquez. Does the city do one or only Mr. Vasquez? I would like to take a church group on this tour of the four missions with him as a guide. Is this a bus tour? What is the cost? Thanks

  • Tammy schwartz

    i will be bring a group of older lady’s to the river walk and I wanted some information on things to see and do around there. Like a wax museum for example. Thank you and yes some is disable.

    • Dawn R.

      The Ripley’s Believe it or not Wax Museum is directly in front of the Alamo and the Menger Hotel, around the corner is the RiverCity Mall (Marriott Hotel connects to mall). There’s a river barge (long platform boats) tour along RiverWalk located at the mall’s food court area. Tickets are reasonable and the barge captain is up to date with giving history lessons/info along the way on river (microphone) … The Institute of Texan Cultures is within walking distance for those who can easily walk several blocks, but taxis are easy to hail and get to museum. It showcases the history of Texas from native days, Pioneer wagon days (even has authentic 1800s cabin inside museum that you can stroll thru to see how they lived back then). Lots of exhibits, artifacts, film/videos and a gift shop too. On occasion, the museum will have speakers and also an artisan club visiting to show their talents – tatting/lace making, quilting bees, glass blowing, leather crafts, horseshoe makers/Ironsmiths, Equestrian horse riders, homemade soap makers, bee keepers, etc. It’s all real interesting stuff, could spend hours there and not realize it until your belly starts to grumble! 😉

    • Dawn R.

      PS: Can’t forget to visit El Mercado/The Market Square which has been around about 200 yrs. It has 2 separate buildings with gift shops that offer lots of Texan, Mexican inspired items – clothing, jewelry, wall art, pottery, hand-carved st He then made his famous impassioned plea: “Who will go with old Ben Milam into San Antonio?”ne chess sets, steer skulls, Mexican blankets/serapes,, food, etc. And it’s a tradition to stop over at Mi Tierra’s for some good Mexican food & a margarita! No Tierra’s has been around for at least 75 yrs and even has a Bakery inside to sample Mexican pan dulce/pastry and candies. Next-door is Margarita’s restaurant which is owned by Mi Tierra family, so is has great food & drinks too.
      Across street from El Mercado is Milan Park, honoring Ben Milan who was the big part of securing San Antonio during Texas’ Independence from Mexico & General/President Santa Ana who turned Mexico into a dictatorship. Ben Milam in Oct. 1935, made his famous impassioned plea: “Who will go with old Ben Milam into San Antonio?” He was killed by a Mexican sniper while surveying San Fernando Cathedral towers in Dec. 1835. His efforts inspired fellow Texan soldiers to continue in the fight for Texas independence.His grave and marker are at Milam Park.
      In view of Milam Park, is the nine-stories high mosaic mural by Jesse Trevino (Vietnam vet turned artist who lost an arm in war). The famous mural is called “Spirit of Healing” that shows a boy with a guardian angel whose wing is broken. Mr. Trevino in interviews has explained that the pictured dove means life & healing, the guardian angel shows how we all need to protect children and the broken wing is symbolic, no one is perfect, but we can still be protectors & guide children, others.
      S.A. Botanical Garden (has a small bistro restaurant & gift shop). S.A. Zoo/Brackenridge Park. The Japanese Tea Gardens (next to the Zoo’s entrance). S.A. Museum of Art, Witte Museum. McKay Museum. Tower of the Americas @Hemisphere Park next to the Institute of Texan Cultures Museum). S.A. Aquarium on Bandera Rd. Children’s Museum. … we’ve a Coca-Cola bottling company that may still give tours, as well as Pace Picante Sauce. The S.A. Missions baseball team, we’ve a Hockey Team, soccer team too. There’s an awesome disabled friendly kid/adult amusement park called Morgan’s Wonderland that has a wheelchair friendly train ride, playground that has a wheelchair swing (I’ve been and loved to get on swing with my wheelchair), even has a Carousel/Merry-Go-Round that’s wheelchair accessible… I had surprise of the wheelchair floorboard ALSO moving as if I’d been riding on a Carousel horse. I was so happily surprised by its movement that I couldn’t help but smiling and giggling from the wonder & excitement -made me feel like an excited & Happy kid again. Bonus is Disabled go Free to Morgan’s Wonderland! There’s also a lake/lagoon that you relax at and even fish.
      Sea World. Fiesta Texas/Six Flags Amusement Park. The Alamo & other historic Missions. San Fernando Cathedral. The RiverWalk. Longhorn Museum. Historic Gunther Hotel, Majestic Theater (plays, concerts). The Fairmont hotel (first hotel that was moved entirely to new location, it’s been noted by Ripley’s Believe it or not. Entire blocks of downtown S.A. were blocked off for hours/days so hotel could slowly, safely make its move). Historic Menger Hotel where Teddy Roosevelt & other Texas Rangers (law enforcement, not the baseball team) met up. Many say the the Menger is haunted. La Villita/the little Village is a historic site of some 200 yrs, when San Antonio was just getting started. You can find Lots of hand-crafted items there. Get yourself a true Texas cowboy hat specially fitted to you and even some cowboy boots too. There’s a handmade candle shop and even ceramics shop last time I was there.
      Lots of good stuff in San Antonio. I grew up here in S.A. and also am disabled/rely on wheelchair to get around. And just about every weekend there’s usually a festival of some sort around town.
      We also have a Trader’s Village and lots of Flea Markets worth checking out on weekends. And the Produce Market is a must on weekends too!

  • Doris Bojito

    I want to visit Natural cavern but I don’t want rent a car. Do you have a bus tours. my cell phone is 9392487371
    I will be on San Antonio 0n 07/03 to 07/10/15
    Pls, answer as soon possible and let me know your cell phone and contact person

  • Scott Whitten

    My wife and I as well as a few friends are planning a trip to San Antonio ( a long weekend, perhaps 4 days 4 senior adults) We want to see the River Walk and the Alamo.
    Perhaps you can suggest a few other attractions. I would especially be interested in the weather. What is the best time to visit? as I can go any time. Also any discount coupons and how to get them would be great information to have as well.

    Thank you, in advance for your information.

  • iris

    Hello…my husband and I would love to take our small Shih Tzu on a trip to San Antonio, TX. We would like to know of any activity we can enjoy with her while there. Such as…Pet friendly restaurants and parks. Also…are there any river boat tours that allows small dogs? This is short notice as we would like to plan something arriving this weekend (10/17)…therefore, your prompt response is greatly appreciated!

    • Admin Post author

      Iris, you can bring your dog on the tour with us but we are not sure about the boat rides. You would have to contact them to find that out. Most of the Riverwalk restaurants will allow dogs to be out on the patio, but you cannot bring them into the restaurants. We also have quite a few parks in the downtown area where dogs are of course allowed as well. We hope this helps and we look forward to seeing you!

  • S Walker

    We would like to visit in December. 2 Seniors – girls long weekend. Do you decorate for Christmas? Are Catholic Churches and Cathedrals easy walking from River Taxi? We planned one day River Taxi, One day double decker tour and one day casual walk around. Will see as much as possible but at a slower pace. This is great reading material but “granny friendly” suggestions are welcome

    • Admin Post author

      Hello Ms. Walker. Downtown San Antonio is very decorated for the holiday season. The trees in Alamo Plaza, along Houston Street and of course on the Riverwalk are all lit up at night. The San Fernando Cathedral and both Catholic churches downtown are all within a short walking distance of each other. It is a beautiful time to visit San Antonio!

    • Admin Post author

      Hello Vickie! The Christmas lights are turned on the Friday after Thanksgiving at 7pm. That is also the night of the Holiday River Parade. This year that date is Friday November 27th.

    • Admin Post author

      Bob, our online booking is starting later in the week. If you buy the 24 or 48 hour tour pass, yes you can get on at any of the stops. If you purchase one of our packages you will need to come see us at the San Antonio Visitor Center to get the additional attraction tickets.

  • Kim Roorda

    Can I buy tickets for the double decker tour now for my trip in Feb?
    When does the 48 hour start – when you get on your first tour?

    • Admin Post author

      Good afternoon Kim. Yes of course you can buy them now. The 48 hours starts when you first board the double decker bus.

  • Ami

    Hi, I’ll visit San antonio this March and looking for tours where we can visit outside of San antonio such as Houston, Dallas, Mexico etc.
    Do you have any tour like this??

    • Veronica

      Ami, Texas is a huge state. I don’t know how long you plan to stay but the drive from San Antonio to Dallas would be 5 hours at least just to give you a point of reference for how long it would take to get there. Hope you enjoy your stay in San Antonio.

  • Andrew Ninfoa

    Just took tour with I consider the worse tour guide ever. Her presentation was geared to a 2 year old level.
    With slow and exaggerated speech made the tour painful. Instead of information we listen to music
    Again the worse tour ever.
    I won’t be recommending this to anyone.

    • Admin Post author

      Good evening Andrew. We will pass your information along to our Management Team and they will address your comments. Do you remember the name of your driver?

    • Admin Post author

      Good morning Jill. Our closest stop would probably be #11 in front of the Holiday Inn Riverwalk Hotel. It is about the same distance however to just walk to our starting point in Alamo Plaza.

  • brandy DeBlasio

    Hello my name is Brandy . I am sending my 23 year old son on his first trip by himself. I wanted to see if there’s anyway you can send us some maps of the Hop on Hop off tour route and a map of the city also suggest some thing he should do and see. He is going to the Pax Gaming convention so we wanted him to stay to extra days to enjoy your city. The date he will be there in Jan 26 until Feb 1. Please Help us. Thanks, Brandy 713 East 114th Ave Tampa fl 33612

  • Emilio

    Since we are not sure if we can make it, what is the total price for one ticket in Plan A versus buying locally at your place for a senior. Please reply and thank you.

    • Admin Post author

      Dolly and Alex, we are going to forward your information along to our Management Team and they will get in touch with you. Thanks for thinking of us and we look forward to seeing you!

  • Patricia

    Hello we will like to take the tour but where would it be a good place to park where we dont have to pay for parking….. we will like to do the tour today….

    • Admin Post author

      Good morning Patricia. There is not much free parking available in downtown San Antonio. Plus it is spring break so things will be very busy. The closest place to park is in the parking garage at Rivercenter Mall.

  • Minerva Loera

    Hi, I would like to know if my son and I can just purchase a ticket just for the ride maybe for one hour not sightseeing

    • Admin Post author

      Good afternoon Lori. We have Military discounts on our 24 and 48 hour tour passes but they must be purchased at our San Antonio Visitor Center on the outside of the Menger Hotel. The July Super Sale that we have online is a much better value however. We look forward to seeing you!