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If we purchase online, when and how do we get tickets?
After payment, you will be automatically sent an email confirmation. Please print the email confirmation and bring it to our San Antonio Visitor Center location on the outside of the Menger Hotel.

What are the ages for children's and senior tour passes?
Children are 5-11 years old.  Senior's are 65 years of age and up.  Children 4 years old and younger ride FREE.

Can I change the date of my tour after I buy it?
You may begin our tours whenever you like. They are not date specific so there is no need to contact us to change the date.

Where do we redeem our email confirmation?
You redeem your email confirmation at our San Antonio Visitor Center location in the Menger Hotel, next To The Alamo.

Can I purchase tickets on the bus if I want?
Yes, you can hop on at any of our designated stops and get a 24 hour or 48 hour tour pass. If you wish to purchase a tour pass/attractions package you will either need to do that online or at our San Antonio Visitor Center location. Please remember, our lowest prices are now online!

Our online prices are $6-$15 per person LESS than our walk up prices.

If you purchase a tour/attractions package you will need to visit our San Antonio Visitor Center location to receive your attractions tickets. All of our drivers have credit card machines so they are equipped to take cash or credit but they do not carry attraction tickets so they cannot sell tour/attraction packages.

I don’t have a copy of my email confirmation, can I still do the tour?
Yes, come to our Visitor Center and we'll find it in our booking system. Visitor Center location in the Menger Hotel, next To The Alamo.

Can I present my email confirmation via my smart phone or tablet?
Yes, in our Visitor Center location in the Menger Hotel, next To The Alamo.

Where exactly is the No. 1 stop at The Alamo?
Next to The Alamo, by The Menger Hotel. Our San Antonio Visitor Center is right across the street, address 216 East Crockett Street.

Do you pick up at the hotel?
We are unable to provide a hotel pick up for our Hop-On Hop-Off tours, but most downtown hotels are on, or near the route – to see our route map, click here , or call us at 210-224-8687.

How does 'Hop-On Hop-Off' work?
Our tours take approximately 60 minutes if you stay on board but many customers use their tickets to hop on and off several times in the 24 or 48 hour period that their ticket is valid. You can visit many of the sites we stop at, and then just return to our stop and catch the bus again when you are done. We operate from 8:40am to 5:30pm, departures every 20 to 30 minutes, all day every day.